Information About Colombia


There are many reputable sources of information on Colombia both in English and in Spanish. Following are some publicly available sources, mostly in English. We welcome suggestions of additional sources.

  • US Central Intelligence Agency published and updates The World Factbook on Colombia which includes information on geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues.
  • US Library of Congress Country Studies project includes information on Colombia.
  • US Department of State website supplies detailed background information on Colombia, including history, economy, defense, trade, and other topics.
  • Colombian Embassy in the US website has information on economics, policies, culture, facts, consular, and embassy activities.
  • US Embassy in Bogotá website has information about current events in Colombia as well as diplomatic and consular activities.
  • Website of the President of Colombia has an English-language section including translated press releases and other information.
  • Infoplease on Colombia is a good source of Colombian history, basic facts, geography, economy, and maps.
  • The Other Look of Colombia is a compilation of interesting and positive information about Colombia developed by a Colombian citizen.
  • Georgetown University Center of Latin American Studies, Colombia Program has information on Colombia with many links to other sites.
  • British Broadcasting Network (BBC) Profile of Colombia is a country profile of Colombia prepared by the BBC.
  • Public Broadcasting System (PBS) on Colombia has background information on Colombia with links to a variety of publications and resources.
  • The Economist on Colombia supplies a briefing on Colombia, including recent articles on Colombia.
  • Maps of Colombia are available on the website of the Instituto Geografica Augstin Codazzi (IGAC).
  • The Constitution of Colombia is available in Spanish and English.
  • Cities in Colombia website permits users to select a province and city name in the search box on the right, and then to select the “Ver!” button in order to get an information page, map, and photographs of each city.
  • Colombian Flower Growers Association website includes the English version of “Colombia, Land of Flowers.” Also look especially at “There’s a Heart Behind Each Flower.”
  • Villegas Editores is a Colombian publisher of high quality, limited ediction coffee-table sized books about Colombia, many in English editions. They have photography, culture, art, architecture, fashion, holidays, and the like with new ones published every year. Some particularly good ones are A Taste of Colombia; Artifactos, Colombian Crafts from the Andes to the Amazon; A Country for Childrenby Gabriel Garcia Marquez; Gardens of Colombia; Unseen Colombia; and Cerros de Bogotá. Some of these books may be available through other sources such as
  • Lonely Planet – Colombia, by Krzysztof Dydynski and published by Lonely Planet Publications Pty, Ltd, (3rd Edition, 2003) is one of the few travel guides specifically about Colombia. The book includes a very nice summary of “Facts About Colombia” including history, geography, climate, flora and fauna, society and conduct, and the arts. The guide is available through many booksellers, both online and in stores.

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